1. STEP (Support to Training & Employment Programme for Women), a pilot Project was started during Oct-1997 and it was funded by Women & Child Development Dept., GOI(Government of India) .
  2. The installation of Liquid Nitrogen to distribution system- Oct 1999.
  3. Launch of Toned Milk in 200ml sachet in 2000.
  4. GOK (Government of Karnataka) announced an incentive of Rs 2per litre of Milk for Farmers selling it to MPCS & Union procures there On, same was enhanced to Rs 4 per litre in May 2013 & enhance to Rs 5 per litre in Dec 2016
  5. GOI (Government of India) accorded saction of Rs 236.5 lakh for project integrated dairy development in the Dists of Chitradurga in the year 2011-12.
  6. Union level Welfare trust for helping all its producers formed in year 2011-12.
  7. Release of Mango Lassi to market on the Eve of “World Milk Day” on 01-06-2013.
  8. On 01.06.2013 instead of Toned Milk -500ML sachet Shubham Standard-515 ML sachet released to the market to avoid change problem and be consumer friendly.
  9. NDP-1 was launched on 2013-14 with a project outlay of Rs 738.16 lakh for Shivamogga Co-operative Milk Union.
  10. GOK(Government of Karnataka) ambitious “Ksheerabhagya Scheme” to provide with glass of Milk to all School Children launched on 01-08-2013 at Ambedkar Bhavan, Shivamogga.
  11. Release 5kg curd in a container on occasion “World Milk Day” on 01-06-2019