To procure the surplus milk available in the villages through primary milk producers’ Co-operative societies of the union jurisdiction area.
• Organising primary dairy co-operative societies at village level.
• Organising milk procurement route to procure milk.
All the dairy co-operative societies in the union jurisdiction will be a share holder to the affiliated federal body where in the dairy co-operative societies will be assisted in procuring milk in both shifts and providing technical input support to the producer members. To pay remunerative price to the milk pourers of primary dairy co-operative societies on the quality parameter.

Technical Input activities

It is one of the fundamental objectives of SHIMUL to carry out activities for enhancing Milk production in its Milk shed area. In view of this, various technical input services like veterinary health care, artificial insemination services, vaccination, supply of balanced cattle feed and quality fodder seed, subsidy for milking mechine,chop cutter,mineral mixture etc. are provided for enhancing milk production and economic development of farming community.

Animal Health and Emergency services

The union is taking special care to promote the health of the cattle of member milk producers. Veterinary health care facilities have been extended to all the DCS through health camp and Emergency veterinary routes, Mass deworming programme is carried out twice in a year at all DCS. There is also a backup of Veterinary First Aid Services to needy milch animals through trained DCS staff. Union organizes workshop on clean milk production and animal health.

Artificial Insemination activities

Artificial insemination (AI) has been the main functional tool in dictating this upsurge of development of Dairying in SHIMUL. To improve the genetic potentiality and Milk production of the cattle, union has gone for cluster AI concept since 1994, and has been successful to reach majority producers at their door steps.

Fodder development supporting Activity

The Union has developed 5 farms in which varieties of perennial fodder root slips are produced to cater the needs of the producers. These perennial fodder root slips and seasonal fodder seeds are distributed to producers at subsidized rates. To enhance the productivity of animals, balanced cattle feed and mineral mixtures are being supplied through the DCS against indent.

The farmers are also educated for enrichment of dry fodder with urea for better utilization. To reduce the production cost of milk, the farmers are being educated to establish silage making units.

The farmers are being educated to cultivate azolla which is rich in protein. To avoid wastage of fodder Chaff cutters will be provided to the interested farmers at subsidized rate.

Training programmes to enhance fodder development has been taken up at union level for elite producers.

Clean Milk Production(CMP)

For improving the quality of raw milk , right from milk producer’s level, a programme called “CMP” has been launched under which 46 Bulk Milk Coolers have been installed at with the assistance of Govt SCHEMES. DCS and many more are in the pipe line. 226 Automatic Milk Collection units havebeen provided to the societies for bringing efficiency and total transparency in the system.

Other Activities

Various training programmes such as CMP Training, MCM training, President training FOR PRODUCERS ANG MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, Secretary, tester, Single & Cluster worker, AMCU, First Aid, training are being for DCs staff through KMF training centers. The officers of the union are also being trained in different disciplines.

Government scheme like Yashaswini Health Insurance scheme which covers all medical operation costs karnataka govt Amrutha Yojana is implemented to provide milch animals to widows and poorest among the poor woman at subsidised rates.

Rs.4/- Incentive schemes for every litre of milk supplied by producers declared by Govt of Karnataka is effectively implemented through Shivamogga  Co-Operative Milk Union.

STEP (Support to Women Training & Education Program)

The Programme of STEP aims

  • To organize exclusive Women Dairy Cooperatives and to take up employment cum income generation activities.
  • To provide need based and extensive training for skill upgradation.
  • Mobilizing women in formation of Self Help Groups as a tool for income generating activity and for easy access to credit.